What is Pseudo?

Pseudo is aimed at users who run their Windows XP under LUA due to security concerns. Pseudo is a taskbar application which allows user to run tasks under administrative privileges. The application allows to configure the set of tasks/applications displayed & also allows user to run an application on the fly using the "Run box". Pseudo is not an attempt to replace the "Run As" functionality provided by Win XP, Pseudo is aimed at complementing it. It's worth noting that Pseudo doesn't elevate your LUA's priveleges, it runs the task under the administrator's account.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are pre-requisites for running Pseudo?
    .Net Framework 2.0 and Windows XP (it should also run on Win2K and Win2003 too) running under LUA.
  • Is there any installer for Pseudo?
    Yes, there is a very basic installer for Pseudo written in Wix.
  • Which language is Pseudo written in?
  • Does "Run Box" allow passing of arguments?
    Yes, this is implemented in beta 1.0.
  • Does "Run Box" have a hot key?
    Yes, you can open the "Run Box" using Win-Shift-R.
  • Do I have to keep typing in the administrative credentials every time I want to run a application through Pseudo?
    Pseudo remembers your credentials for 5 minutes pretty much the same way as Sudo remembers them.
  • Why doesn't it remember my password forever?
    Well, in that case you shouldn't be even running under LUA, it's pretty much the same as running your Windows as a administrator.
  • Does it support Domain admin accounts?
    Yes, it does.


Coming soon...

Known Issues & Workarounds

  • Windows Explorer doesn't work with Pseudo
    This is a known issue with Windows Explorer, the fix is to open a explorer using the admin account, then goto Tools-->Folder Options and check the option for "Launch folders in separate process". The fix is required only one time.
  • Pseudo's installer fails if I run it using "Run As"?
    This seem to be an issue with the version of wix that is being used to create the installer, the fix is to log in as a administrator and run the installer.